Luxury Property Tax in Costa Rica 2022

Impuesto a casas de lujo/Luxury Property Tax Costa Rica

Impuesto a casas de lujo/Luxury Property Tax Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a tax for luxury homes (solidarity tax).  This tax applies to homes used for regular, occasional, or recreational purposes.  It applies to the construction or fixed facilities valued at ¢137,000,000 (approximately $212,000) and above. The original purpose of this luxury property tax is to help finance homes for the population in extreme poverty.  It is not deductible for income tax.

The tax is yearly from January 1st to December 31st and must be paid every year by January 15th.

Attached are the luxury property tax rates in Costa Rica for 2022.

impuesto solidario costa rica 2022 luxury property tax

*amount is in Costa Rica Colones

How to determine the tax amount:

The value of any main + additional construction must be determined, including swimming pool, clubhouse, perimeter walls, tennis court, etc. Once this value is determined, if it exceeds the exempted amount,  then you must add the value of the lot into the equation.

The tax can be paid in the following banks:

  • Banco de Costa Rica
  • BAC San José
  • Coopenae
  • Banco Nacional de Costa Rica y sus corresponsales
  • Banco Davivienda