Tips for selling your property

Prepare su propiedad para la venta vendiendo mi propiedad

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When it comes to selling a property, it is necessary to prepare it inside and out. It must be eye catching to lure that potential buyer! Make a good first impression with these helpful tips from Vanessa Pardo, founder of Ideal Real Estate and For Sale By Owner Costa Rica with 20+ years of experience

Tips to prepare the property for rent/sale:

General tips:

  • Make it look like its brand new. To the best of your ability, make sure that everything looks like new or in the best possible condition, both inside and out. The goal is to make it look like a model home.
  • It is much easier to sell a clean, tidy property with neutral colors. Homes that are decorated in dark and unusual colors (black, red, etc.) attract very little to buyers. For this reason, if possible, paint all walls and ceilings a neutral color such as white and/or beige. Neutral colors give the feeling of a larger space.
  • The tropics sometimes makes things moldy. Paint or clean any evidence of mold.


  • Eliminate bad odors, especially from cigarettes and pets.
  • Make sure everything works, including the light bulbs and the doorbell, and if something is broken, fix it. For example: if the hinges are stuck, put oil on them.
  • Cleanliness is important: wash the windows and if you have rugs, make sure they are clean.
  • “Less is more”: in this sense, declutter and remove unnecessary objects (especially toys or trinkets) to create the feeling of spacious environments.
  • It is very important to “depersonalize” the environment, so we recommend removing photos, personal items and/or religious objects.
  • If the property is inhabited, place fresh flowers, turn on lights and take the opportunity to take a photo session of your property at its best. These photos will be useful as a visual backup of the property, to send to potential buyers and/or for marketing the property.


  • Work on the curb appeal. Cut the grass and plant flowers/plants.
  • Seal any cracks that are large in the pavement or walls
  • Remove any trash or construction debris.
  • If you have loose shingles, secure them.
  • Clean gutters and fix them if they are damaged.
  • If you have exterior lights, make sure they all work.
  • Fix fences

Remember that a good looking property, inside & out will increase your chances of selling/renting.